Getting your sleep on can be easier than you think.

If you’re still exhausted after trying the latest sleep solutions, read on…

You know the drill…  no afternoon caffeine, no evening alcohol, no night-time computer work. 

All great in theory… but, if you’re like me, you read that list and know that sometimes you just want, or need, one or all those things.

And you’re okay with that.

You’re not big on popping pills for problems, so you’ve tried the holistic route too.

You’ve tried meditation, yoga, and other stress reduction techniques.

You love them all. Yet, when competing for time slots in your already busy schedule, life demands often trump classes and the personal time you need to go within.

As hard as you try, downward dogs and “Om’s” can quickly become an occasional event, rather than a sustainable, healthy habit. 

With an open mind, you’ve made all-natural DIY sleep cocktails with kava kava and chased them with a dose of melatonin. 

Shoot, you even transformed your bedroom into a sanctuary using the top 10 Feng Shui tips to help you sleep better.


Alas, you still can’t get a good night’s sleep.

To make matters worse, you’re now officially exhausted from your exhaustion. You’re cranky, you’re fuzzy in the brain, and you just plain feel lousy.

You can’t go on like this… it’s time to harness a healthy sleep routine once and for all.

Your health and happiness depend on it!



The list of known causes for sleep disorders is a long one.

There are many factors. Hormonal changes, environment, and more can stand in the way of good slumber.

But there’s a bigger culprit robbing you of your sleep each night… Your mind.

Later, I’ll share an effortless 3-step routine that will help you sleep like a baby, tonight.

First, let’s talk about what’s happening in your head. Stay with me, now…

Imagine for a moment, what happens when you can’t sleep?


You think.

You worry.

You solve.

You plan.


As you snuggle into your pillow with a satisfying sigh, you remember you forgot to do something.

There was that one forgotten deadline-driven email you promised to respond to at work. 

A slight panic sets in. You try to let it go.

Slowly you start to relax again, and then you remember your car’s gas tank is empty.

Now you’re making mental to-do lists. And stressing out over the fact that there just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done! 

Somehow, you manage to quiet down again.

And then… the unsettling thoughts that live just below the top layer of chatter chime in.

You know the ones…


“I hate my job.”

“I’m getting old.”

“How am I going to pay the bills?”

“I’m fat.”

“Why can’t my partner just give me the support I need?”

“It’s so late! I really need to get to sleep!”

…and now you’re really awake.

Thoughts race and loop. Then your body responds with a pulse of adrenalin.


This is the cycle that plagues millions of sleepers each night.

These repetitive, problem-solving based thoughts lead to worrisome feelings, which lead to anxiety, and insomnia.

But there’s more to consider, and this is big…

The very thoughts that are keeping you awake at night are the same thoughts that are keeping you stuck in life

That’s right.

Whatever the subject… if it’s keeping you awake, it’s also preventing you from living your best life.


So what’s the solution?

Retrain your brain, so you can reclaim your sleep, and change your life.



Did you know that your brain is capable of learning new concepts while you sleep? 

Your brain also makes decisions while you’re sleeping. 

Those decisions are generally about the things that are on your mind just before you fall asleep.

So, imagine your possibilities when you intentionally set the tone for your slumber-session! That may sound like a big project.

But with this 3-step routine, it’s easy!


Here’s the 1-2-3 process to break the cycle that’s keeping you awake.

Harness your brain’s potential to ignite healthy sleep and create a better life tonight.


1. Release.

Take 5-10 minutes to write down all of the things that are top on your mind. As you write, visualize them leaving your mind for the night. Just let it all out on the paper.

Consider that paper your holding place. Allow the paper to absorb any planning, fretting, or decision making.


2. Reflect.

Now, reflect on your day and write down 3 things you’re grateful for on the other side of the paper. Don’t skip this step!

This is where you harness your thinking mind. By fueling your inner dialogue with an attitude of gratitude, you activate the peaceful state required to sleep like a baby.

This is also the most powerful time to retrain your brain.

By intentionally choosing the thoughts your brain will integrate while you sleep, you plant the seeds that can ignite a new mindset once awake.

Shifting from worry to gratitude is a simple and effective mindset redirect. If this sounds silly, or too easy, just try it. It works.


3. Relax.

Turn the TV off. Listen to soothing music or audio to help quiet your mind and lull you into sleep.


This healthy sleep routine can create amazing results for your sleep and your life.


Here’s a gift to get you started tonight…

Tranceform® has a huge catalog of soothing audios on almost every life subject. The audio tracks are designed to help you access sleep and retrain your thoughts.


Tranceform is an innovative audio program to help you sleep better and create a better life.

The technique targets worry-based, negative thought patterns. A soothing sound experience helps you change your sleep and your mind.

You deserve sweet dreams and a sweet life. What are you waiting for?