Your brain is capable of creating new neural connections, a process called neuroplasticity. It’s automatic.

Simply put, you can literally change your mind.


Tranceform™ is designed to help you do just that. With Tranceform, you can direct the development of positive neural pathways.


You select the positive input most relevant to your life and goals. With time and repetition, you will begin to release old thought patterns as you create new ones.

Sleep Learning

Science has identified that the brain is very active during sleep. In fact, it actually processes information and makes decisions.

Emerging research shows that it’s also receptive to new concepts. Tranceform works with your brain while you sleep to imprint new positive ideas.


With time and repetition, this new information can inform your decisions once awake.


Worrisome thoughts can keep you awake at night. They can also keep you from living your best life.

Tranceform blends mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques to help you relieve stress and anxiety.


The Intuitive Imprint™ is a process that quiets the mind and soothes the body so you can fall asleep. It then plants the seeds of possibility as you rest, empowering you to be your best.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Tranceform helps you identify and replace thoughts and behaviors that keep you awake and keep you stuck.

Like CBT, the goal is to create a healthy sleep routine that sets the stage for better sleep and a better life.


The Intuitive Imprint works to defuse anxious thought patterns while expanding self-awareness. This approach supports a shift in mindset. The result is a more restorative night’s sleep and a fresh approach to the new day.

Music Therapy

Studies show that listening to gentle music activates relaxation responses in the body. Music is medicine.

As you listen, pain, anxiety, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates decrease.


Soothing music is part of the Intuitive Imprint sound experience. Each musical piece is carefully chosen to support you on the path to better sleep and greater wellbeing.

Positive Psychology

Intuitive Imprints use positive psychology to introduce and reinforce thoughts that create positive emotions.

As you listen, stress and worry decrease and self-awareness increases.


Each audio teaches gratitude, and possibility. You learn new ways of perceiving and coping with life challenges.


The affirmations set you up for a peaceful sleep. And, they provide a new uplifting outlook designed to help you create a better life.