Block outside
noise and snoring.

Headphones in a headband, SleepPhones support a better night’s rest while listening to Tranceform™. They provide a soft barrier to outside noises including snoring. They also help you listen without disturbing others.

Listen privately in
extraordinary comfort.

SleepPhones are safe and offer privacy. Make sure your Tranceform listening doesn’t disturb others. Replace bulky headphones and uncomfortable earbuds. Enjoy this soft, wearable technology that feels like pajamas for your ears®. Available in 3 sizes for a comfortable, secure fit.

Choose from wireless
or corded models.

SleepPhones are available in wireless Bluetooth or classic wired models for easy listening. Pair wireless models with smart phones, tablets and many other devices for a wire-free experience. Choose from 5 fashion colors.

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Block noise and listen privately with headphones in a headband.

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