Meditation is a powerful tool. A successful practice can yield impressive results. Stress reduction, improved health, and a greater sense of peace are just a few benefits.

I’m a huge advocate of meditation because it’s been very beneficial to my life, when I’ve been consistent with it.

Keyword: consistent.

Consistency counts with this type of mindfulness practice. For many of us, it’s just difficult to carve out the right time and space in each day to get it done. Or, we struggle with the process itself.

Meditation benefits without meditating

What if I told you that you can access all the benefits of meditation—while you sleep?

This is no joke, hear me out. If you’ve struggled to start or keep a meditation practice, read on…

Chances are you’re like me. You’ve heard about all the wonderful things that come from a meditation practice. You’ve even given it a whirl. You really can feel a difference.

You’re clear that meditation works…

You want to meditate.
You intend to meditate.
You actually start to meditate.

You get on a roll and then… for a variety of reasons, you get derailed and it just doesn’t happen.

Here’s how it goes in my world…

I settle into the beautiful little meditation space I’ve set up. It’s in the quietest spot of the house. I’ve got candles lit, relaxing music playing. As I slow down, I notice my shoulders are starting to drop from their position next to my ears.

I’m pleased to be sinking into my cushion when all of the sudden… quiet becomes chaos. Come to find out, my Zen oasis is the place to be for my pets and my visiting 3-year old nephew.

I reclaim my space, settling back into the comfort of the silence.

Then, the doorbell chimes with a delivery. The dog barks at the perceived “intruder” at the door.

I get distracted and then, it’s just done.

Other times, the stars align and all is quiet as I begin to meditate.

With gratitude, I take a deep luxurious breath in anticipation of the Nirvana to come. I’m eager to land in that field of possibility… to sink into the glorious “space between thoughts” that all meditation gurus speak of.

“Ready. Set. Meditate!

Here I come – peace, quiet, and joyful enlightenment!”

And then…

The thoughts begin.

Try as I might, to let them float away like clouds adrift, it just doesn’t go down like that. I pay attention to them. I try to suppress them. I struggle. The thoughts multiply like pesky flies on a hot summer day.

“When will everyone get home? I hope they come in quietly.”

“I really don’t have time for this right now, with everything on my plate.”

“Thoughts, I’m having thoughts… quit thinking, just quit thinking…”

Deep breath in…  exhale. Ahhhh, I’m back in the zone. It feels good. Peaceful. Then, an alarming realization:

“Oh shoot! I forgot to pay that bill! I hope it’s not late…”

The thoughts begin, AGAIN…

“It’s okay. It’s OK. After this, I will pay the bill… and then make dinner.

Hmm, what sounds good? Do I have the ingredients?”

The list making begins.

“Shoot! I’m thinking again…”

Now I’m wiggling around and struggling to the finish line.

“That’s it.

I. Give. Up!”

Now here’s a little secret: I’m not new to meditation. I am equipped with years of knowledge and practical tips for success with meditation. Yet, I still get distracted and derailed. And that’s when and if I’m able to find the time to meditate. Some days, life just gets in the way.

To make matters worse, when I do get off track and miss my meditation—I let myself down.

The result? I end up feeling worse than before I started.

Sound familiar? If so, it’s likely that daily meditation just isn’t always realistic for you. 

I totally get it, and I feel your pain!

If you’re looking for an alternative, stick with me. Later in this article, I’ll share a powerful technique that has changed my life.

First, let’s talk about WHY you want to meditate.

My guess is that you’re not necessarily in love with the act of meditating itself.

It’s likely a means to an end…

You meditate to feel better.
You meditate to help you sleep.
You meditate because you want to create a better life for yourself.

Actually, to get specific and very honest…

You meditate because you want to experience abundant happiness, peace, love, vitality and wellbeing. Right?

I’m cheering you on right now. Why? Because with clarity, you can make powerful choices. Effective choices that realistically work in your life…

So what if I told you that you can have all that you seek—WITHOUT MEDITATING?

Even better, you can reach your goal without adding one more thing to learn or do in your life!


The key is to shift your thoughts just before and during sleep.

Your thought patterns just before sleep are powerful. They influence brain activity through the night. In fact, your brain makes decisions and forms impressions while you’re asleep. This processing impacts the quality of your rest and your mindset once awake.

You can literally change your mind in ways that will change your life… while you sleep.

How can you make this shift? With a breakthrough method called the Tranceform™ Technique.

This new, leading-edge process integrates technology with brain science and behavioral therapy. The result is a powerful technique to help you access better sleep and a better life.

The best part is that it’s effortless. You just click play and listen while you fall asleepThe audio session works with your brain just before and during the sleep cycle.

There’s no time required during your busy day. No extra effort. Nothing to learn. Oh, and by the way—you’re gonna sleep like a baby too!

But the benefits don’t stop there. The technique will help you:

  • find relief from stress and anxiety.
  • access better physical and mental health.
  • experience greater fulfillment and happiness in life.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It really works. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try and decide for yourself.

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Tranceform has a huge catalog of soothing audios called Intuitive Imprints™. The audio tracks help you calm your body and mind. But that’s not all. They target worry-based, negative thought patterns. Those negative patterns are then replaced with new, positive ideas. Whatever your current desire, on any life subject, there’s an Intuitive Imprint for you.

It’s a soothing sound experience that helps you sleep better and live better.

Less stress, more peace, no meditating…

Just click play on your favorite device and go to sleep.

That’s what I’m going to do right now… it’s bedtime here.