Listen while you sleep.

The technique works with the brain during the sleep cycle. It unites the top tactics recommended by sleep experts with emerging concepts in neuroscience. Self-affirmation is introduced at your mind’s most receptive state… just before and during sleep.

Positive thoughts provide strategic messages that address the pressing areas in your life. This new input re-trains your mind while you sleep.

It’s effortless. Click play. Listen. Sleep.

Change your mindset.

Tranceform’s Intuitive Imprints® are carefully crafted sound experiences. They help you reduce stress and rest well.

With time and repetition, they can also help change how your mind responds to life situations.

Empowering new ideas replace negative thought loops. The positive input is designed to influence your point of view once awake.

With regular use, you begin to release old thought patterns as you create new ones.

You set the tone.

Choose from hundreds of tracks from 4 key life areas: