Tranceform® is an innovative audio program to help you sleep better and create a better life. It integrates technology, brain science, and behavior management.


Relax into better sleep.

Intuitive Imprints® help you release worrisome thoughts and anxiety. They calm the body and quiet the mind. Positive self-affirmations soothe the stress-based thought patterns that keep you awake at night.


Learn while you slumber.

Once asleep, the Intuitive Imprint continues its work. The sleeping brain is active, pliable, and able to learn new concepts. With nightly listening, you begin to absorb and integrate the new input. The more you listen, the more your brain can access the new ideas once awake.


Sleep your way to greater health, prosperity, and joy.

Whether you’re seeking better sleep or hope to create a better life, Tranceform can help. Regular use can lead you to better sleep. Better sleep and a new mindset can change your life.


No scheduling required. Easy to use.

There’s no need to find time in your busy schedule for Tranceform. There’s nothing new to learn and no extra energy required at the end of your day. Just click play, find a comfortable position, and listen as you drift off to sleep.