Meet Tranceform®.

An amazing new digital technology that helps you get a better night’s sleep and create a better life!

Tranceform unites brain science and behavioral therapy to deliver a powerful nightly program.

The technique targets worry-based, negative thought patterns. You know them – the ones that keep you stuck in life, and awake at night.

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Real Results

Reported from Tranceform Users


Better Sleep


Reduced worry, stress, and anxiety


Improved health and energy


Happier, more positive mindset


Better relationships


Heightened clarity and sense of purpose

Real Transformation

“Listening helps on days when I feel high anxiety in my life.
I feel calm and peaceful as I fall asleep listening.
I love the idea that the Intuitive Imprint works for me while I sleep.
Tranceform is so helpful and works well
with other things I’m doing to improve my wellbeing.”
Teresa, Graduate School Student
“I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Tranceform at this point.
It helps me sleep better, for sure. It also helps me make the most
of that time each day when I get to rest my mind and body.
I just love it!”
Shelley, Finance Professional
“I look forward to clicking play when it’s time to go to sleep.
Listening really helps me calm down and relax my body.
I drift off to sleep much quicker than usual.
There truly is no work or effort involved…
I wake rested and ready for the new day.”
Gary, Educator
“Soothing and comforting!
I find I’m no longer focusing on the thoughts
that tend to run through my mind as I fall asleep.
With Tranceform I have more energy and I feel less stress.
I’m sleeping better than I have in over a year!”
Jenn, Nurse Practitioner and Busy Mom
“I experienced a major shift in my general outlook—
one that I attribute to Tranceform.
Listening each night opened my perspective and has
helped me create a new mindset, without as much pessimism.
The results have really surprised me!
I’ve started thinking with a more positive attitude.
A new self-confidence has emerged for me!”
Nancy, Accounting Professional

Tranceform integrates technology with brain science and behavioral therapy. The result is a powerful technique to help you access better sleep and a better life.

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